Featured Wheelchair Accessories

The Duro-Med Wheel Chair Back Pack

One of the most popular wheelchair accessories on the web! This backpack is machine washable, water proof and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It has loops that fit securely over the arms of the wheelchair and has a spacious, 14″ by 19″ compartment fitted with hoop and look closures.

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The Duro-Med Universal Beverage Holder

This universal beverage holder is great for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. It can hold cups, cans or mugs between 10-32 ounces. It has a removable insert that allows for size adjustment. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or swing away. It’s also affordable, built to last and does a great job at keeping your drinks cool and refreshing.

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The Wheelchair Skin Protection Cushion Gel E 3 Deluxe

This cushion is designed to reduce pressure on pain points, especially for those who suffer from pressure ulcers. The viscous gel padding helps to relieve pressure whilst also adding comfort and back/spine support. The cover has a waterproof top and a vinyl bottom that helps to reduce sliding.

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The Zippidy Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Extended Arm Rest Caddy

This spacious and convenient storage bin is a great addition for those who need to move a lot of stuff around and have it at the ready. It easily attaches to practically any scooter or wheelchair with it’s three adjustable straps. It is water resistant and the material offers great protection against stains.

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The ”Nearly” Universal OH – Cup or Drink Holder

This cup holder has a simple design that allows for an array of uses. It’s construction of straps and foam trays makes for a sturdy attachment to armrests. It can be used on scooters, wheelchairs and office chairs and is 100% recyclable.

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The Wheelchair Backpack Bag 

This is a cool little backpack that would make a great accessory to any wheelchair. It has two loops that securely suspend if from the handlebars of a wheelchair. It also has four zippered pockets for easy organization and lots of storage space. Comes in a very deep blue fabric that fights off the appearance of stains and dirt.

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The Molded General Use 1.25″ Wheelchair Seat Cushion

The molded, Tempurpedic-like foam on this cushion is designed to deliver great support, improve posture and relieve pain on pressure points. The stretchy, polyeaster knit cover can be removed and washed and is flame resistant with a non-slide bottom. Comes with a one year limited warranty for both the cushion and cover.

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